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Our Vision

Michael Lejeune, former Deputy Director for the Uganda National Council for Education, declared a historic turning point in LIU’s journey on January 16, 2012. The 10-year vision officially became a reality when LivingStone International University welcomed its first class of students in January 2012.

The dream of a world-class Christian university dates all the way back to 2000. After six years of exploring the idea with African leaders, praying over the vision, and establishing key strategies, the team decided to jump in head-first in 2006. The developments of the last six years are a clear result of God’s direction, focused planning and committed leadership.

A New Kind of University

LIU degrees are based on a four-year curricula instead of the standard three-year course at other universities in Uganda. A university education held to the highest international standards will equip students to become Christian leaders.

The Future of LIU

Faculty and staff will guide each class of students through academic training and spiritual mentoring.  LIU will equip students to become ethical, empowered leaders in their chosen vocations. The aim is to direct students towards the forefront of change and influence in various disciplines. Every ethical leader will be a force for community transformation.

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