Partnering with and supporting LivingStone International University in Mbale, Uganda, as it transforms Africa through quality, Christ-centered, higher education.


An accredited, African-led, sustainable, internationally recognized, spiritually-vital, Christian university on a flourishing permanent campus.


LivingStone International University is located in Uganda, the country with the youngest population in the world and an increasing number of students each year.


In 2006, the leadership of LivingStone approached mission and church leaders in the U.S. about partnering with and supporting LivingStone International University. So, LivingStone University Partners (formerly known as Harmony Project International) was formed.

The university officially opened its doors in January 2012 and began its mission of training leaders who will impact their communities.


The LivingStone experience is unique, with market-driven degree programs, hands-on training and a Christ-centered culture that is changing lives. Here at LivingStone University Partners we are dedicated to supporting the university as it transforms Africa.


Mark Jacoby

Board Chair | Fort Worth, TX

Corey Russell

Vice Chair | Fort Worth, TX

Milton Siegele

Treasurer | Dallas/Fort Worth

Tim Malson

Secretary | Durham, OK

Pat Pefley

Member | London, England

Kasey Pipes

Member | Fort Worth, TX


Luke & Jayci Alverson

Mark & Vivian Ayers

Gary & Marci Ayers

Sean & Karen Bryan

Carter & Holly Davis

Mark & Cari Dennis

Stephen & Robin Goodall

David & Nancy Hart

Steve & Rhonda Houk

Mark & Kim Jacoby

James & Lisa Jennings

Clint & Alyssa O’Rear

Brett & Amanda Orr

David & Shelley Park

Kasey & Lacie Pipes

Jeff & Brittany Polk

Corey & Julia Russell

Craig & Janalee Smith

Adam & Leslie Thomas

Cody & Chesley Walton

Raymond & Darlene Ward

Bob & Darlene Waters

LivingStone University Partners is serious about fiscal responsibility. We recognize the every resource entrusted to us can transform the future for an individual, a village, a country and even a whole continent. We work together with the staff of LivingStone International University to ensure that all resources are used for their intended purposes, and look for ways to leverage funds for maximum impact.
LivingStone University Partners is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and contributions are tax deductible to the highest amount allowable by law.



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